Amphitheaters and Laboratories

The YUCD has 4 amphitheaters, one each exclusively for predoctoral dental classes. The dimension of the amphitheater is approximately 138.66 square meters. The amphitheaters have steps and have double doors to block out the lights from outside. The amphitheaters are equipped with a device that can regulate the lighting power supply. The amphitheaters are sound proof that prevents the outside noise from seeping through. The amphitheaters have centralized air conditioning and heating systems. The 4 story high the YUCD building was constructed in 1996, and the building was expanded and renovated in 2004 to a 7 story building. The amphitheaters underwent a major renovation in 2007 to enhance the educational environment. All the chairs and tables had been replaced to create a more user friendly environment. The renovation includes improvement of the ventilation system, electronic desks, LCD projector, traditional screen, and multi-media sound system. Wireless as well as a cable internet connection is available to students for the convenience of their educational environment.

Laboratory facilities are provided to meet the unique needs of the basic science and clinical science courses. The YUCD laboratories are consisted of Multi Purpose Teaching Lab 1 (Simulation), Multi Purpose Teaching Lab 2, Basic Science Lab 1 (Histology, Pathology, Microbiology, and Preventive Dentistry), Basic Science Lab 2 (Anatomy), Basic Science Lab 3 (Physiology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Dental Biomaterials). The total physical area of laboratories is 1,355.66 m2,which includes Trimming Room(92.9m2), a Casting Room (36.6m2), a Polymerization Lab (50.66m2), and a Porcelain Lab (36.6m2). All laboratories are provided with ample power supplies, good drainage systems, optimal ambient temperature and good air circulation. Room lighting, heating and air conditioning systems, and ventilation are maintained at an appropriate level.

Group discussion rooms

There are 10 PBL rooms for group discussion in the YUCD building for problem-based learning and elective courses. The PBL rooms are being used primarily for PBL classes and small group discussions. When there are no formal classes, students are encouraged to use the rooms for unsupervised and self-directed learning. Each room is 18 m2 in size, with the capacity of 10 persons, and is equipped with a 55” LCD monitor.


The YUCD is privileged to use the Yonsei University Medical Library (YUML), known as one of the most resourceful dental and medical libraries in the country that has dental science books and scholarly journals from around the world (website: http://ymlib.yonsei.ac.kr/). The YUML is jointly run by dental, medical and nursing schools. There is a separate area where dental books and journals are stored. The library has a general area for dental students and faculty. The YUML is a 5-story building that has seating for 684 and the total floor area is 4,260 m2. There are librarians, check out desks and seminar rooms on the first floor. On the second floor are magazines, newspapers, reading rooms, and 6 computers to aid the faculty and students with bibliographic search. Books, theses and dissertations can be found on the third floor where there are seating for 198 and a student study hall with 216 seats and a computer room. Fourth floor has a study hall with 270 seats that is open for 24 hours a day. The YUML was designated in 2009 as the Foreign Research Information Center for Clinical Medicine. The main function of the Center is to provide research papers, journals and general information in support of faculty and student research projects in a wide variety of areas in health sciences.

Dental e-library

In 2009 the YUCD established a Dental e-library in the YUCD building to facilitate faculty research projects as well as student research and provide dental educational information and materials.

Fitness conter

To help maintain the College of Dentistry students’ and staff’s health, a fitness center, about 130 square meters in size, is provided on the first basement floor. It has three treadmills, three health cycles, and other exercise equipment. Students and staff members wishing to use the fitness center may do so after registering at the Student Affairs Office.

Students activity room

The student activities area on the second floor of the dental school holds the student association room, the female students’ lounge, and six rooms for student clubs.

Other facilities

The YUCD provides a Photocopy Room, a Cafeteria and a Student Lounge for Women on the second floor, and ping pong tables on the second floor of the basement. One Student Union Room are provided on the second floor.